#Philly tweeps, what is everyone up to on New Year’s Eve? Need good tunes and a view of the fireworks.

It’s official: my clothes from 10 years ago when I was a skinny-mini are now too big. This is why I love #crossfit!

RT @NHLFlyers: Skate on Winter Classic ice! Due to popular demand, more public skating spots will be released on Dec 26! Check http://t. …

Dear @webstartwomen attendees, please wish for my voice to come back in time for class tomorrow!

Have not been able to shake the migraine I woke up with. Did not run, did not crossfit, want everything to stop, please, now.

PS: Thanks to @ShaynaConnelly for recording the show! http://t.co/xhn1pnOe

Gary Numan on World Cafe! http://t.co/f1kg2gUZ /cc @svgeesus

RT @mrclean: RT @TheKeyXPN Just Announced: @deadmilkmen to perform a Free At Noon concert Friday, Dec. 23rd, at @WorldCafeLive: http://t …